Vet Sustain and VetSalus have announced a new veterinary resource for farm vets, which is to be launched at this year’s British Cattle Veterinary Association (BCVA) Congress.

The BVCA Congress is set to take place this week from Thursday (October 19) until Saturday (October 21) at the Telford International Centre.

Vet Sustain and VetSalus will launch their new farm vet resource at the event – a factsheet outlining key considerations for vets when approaching conversations around sustainable and regenerative farming practices with their farmers.

The organisations said farm vets, as trusted advisors an advocates, are integral to supporting sustainable and regenerative farming practices and that, through their influence, they can offer solutions for farmers.

Veterinary resource

The factsheet will help vets prepare for these conversations with farmers and act as a starting point towards encouraging a more regenerative mindset, the veterinary organisations said.

Managing director of VetSalus, David Black, said: “After receiving feedback from veterinary colleagues, we set out to develop a user-friendly resource for vet professionals to inspire and enable them to have discussions around sustainability in agriculture; we have provided concepts and evidence to help initiate and maintain meaningful dialogue, thus avoiding polarising debate.”

Chair of Vet Sustain, Ed Bailey, said: “Sustainable food and farming is a complex and nuanced subject in which there are many different competing views.

“This can feel overwhelming as a practising vet trying to navigate conversations with farmers, colleagues or friends who look to us for knowledge and advice.

“This resource is a starting point to help engage and understand more about the challenges and solutions.”