About Agriland.co.uk

Agriland is the fastest growing digital Agricultural news publisher in Europe. Using the latest technology across mobile, desktop and app we deliver current and breaking farming news, views, opinion and technical information to farmers and the agricultural business community.

As a digital only news publisher, we are committed to bringing a new ethos and focus to a sector that is changing rapidly. Our team of highly skilled news and technical journalists are committed to bringing you the news and information that matters as it happens in a format that is accessible and convenient without the need for expensive subscriptions or cumbersome log ins.

Established in 2013 Agriland has pioneered the daily delivery of agricultural and farming news content in a digital only format. Each day Agriland is the trusted source for thousands of farmers to keep up to date with what’s happening both locally and globally from both a farming and business perspective. With close to 500,000 unique users a month we understand what our readers want and the information they require to make the necessary business decisions to keep them at the forefront of food and commodity production.

We publish news as it happens, seven days a week, 365 days per year with all content easily accessible on which ever device suits your lifestyle. We are passionate about agriculture and farming, with most staff having a background in agriculture, so we understand the day to day issues that the industry can face and how these can impact on their business decisions. Our core focus is agriculture and how the industry and people working in it are portrayed in a professional and understanding light.

Our motto is to innovate as opposed to imitate so we are constantly pushing the boundaries to improve our products and services to the benefit of our end users.

Agriland is a modern digital media publishing company and while we do not charge for content, we are still fully committed to providing the most accurate and timely news and information to our readers.

Technology is changing farming and agricultural practices rapidly and we aim to use technology to keep you informed in a new and unique format.