With the harvest season typically concluded and preparations for the new year in motion, The British Potato Show will return from November 22-23, 2023 at the Yorkshire event centre in Harrogate.

This year sees a record amount of trade stands, as the industry prepares to come together again.

Emerging out of Covid-19, events are back bigger and better than before, with the industry realising the power and benefits of face-to-face events.

British Potato Show

Organisers of BP2023 have said that they are thrilled to welcome the seminars back at this year’s show, presenting visitors with technical talks, along with current industry topics and issues.

Show evolution has continued with crop production exhibits being joined by an ever-expanding range of post farm expertise.

While growers will be catching up on everything from varieties to sprout suppression, factory staff will be exploring developments as diverse as water treatment, haulage and the very latest in optical sorting and whole crop utilisation.

Visitors to BP2023 will have access to:

  • Scores of Europe’s leading potato companies;
  • The latest in potato research and development;
  • All types of farm, packing and processing machinery;
  • New breakthroughs in production and processing;
  • Business news and emerging opportunities;
  • Buyers, suppliers and advisers from plough to plate.

Adding an extra layer of prestige to the event, the National Potato Industry Awards will be held at the Old Swan in Harrogate on the first evening of the show, Wednesday, November 22.

The awards are a celebration of excellence and innovation within the potato industry and guest speaker, Rod Woodward, will return following his much-lauded appearance at the last awards ceremony.

With its unique blend of information-sharing, networking, and innovation, BP2023 promises to be an essential free event for anyone involved in the British and global potato industry.