Taaffe Auctions conducted the final of its spring sales on Wednesday (May 3), with around 100 milking stock and 22 heifer calves on offer.

There was stock on offer from a far as Cork at this month’s sale, with a strong demand for milking stock continuing.

The 22 heifer calves on offer were from the University College Dublin (UCD) Lyons Estate research farm, with economic breeding index (EBI) figures of up to €315 on offer.

A further weakening of milk prices hasn’t affected prices for milking stock, with good quality and well-presented stock still commanding high prices.

A total of eight lots achieved prices of 3,000gns or higher, while a further nine achieved prices of 2,700gns or higher.

Heifers in milk

The top price of the heifers on offer at the Taaffe Auctions sale went to Lot 40, Boliesgreat Yamaska Debbie, who sold for 3,600gns.

Sired by Westcoast Yamaska, her dam Boliesgreat FR2298 Debbie produced 8,715kg of milk at 4.68% fat and 3.45% protein in her second lactation.

Lot 40: Boliesgreat Yamaska Debbie, sold for 3,600gns

The second-highest prices for the heifer section was achieved by Lot 24, Cannontown Skywalker Bellbrook.

The Bomaz Skywalker-Et sired heifer sold milking 40L/day for 3,100gns.

Lot 24: Cannontown Skywalker Bellbrook, sold for 3,100gns

The third-highest price went to Lot 5, Boliesgreat Yamaska Ellen BSR, who sold milking 40L/day for 3,050gns.

Sired by Westcoast Yamaska, her dam Boliesgreat Awd Ellen (1839) produced 11,489kg of milk in her second lactation at 4.73% fat and 3.38% protein.

Next was Lot 18, Cannontown Hurricane Levi. Calved since late-March and milking 38L/day, Cannontown Hurricane Levi sold for 3,000gns.

Sired by Bacon-Hill Hurricane-Et, her dam is projected to produce 10,039kg of milk at 3.96% fat and 3.34% protein in her fifth lactation.

Some more sample price from Wednesday’s sale are included in the gallery below:


Top price of the young cows and of the sale was Lot 19, Cannontown Samuri Brenda. Calved since March 18, on her second lactation and milking 45L/day, she sold for 3,900gns.

In her first lactation she produced 6,597kg of milk at 4.43% fat and 3.26% protein.

She was sired by Ocd Spring Samuri-Et and her dam Cannontown Danillo Brenda produced 14,505kg of milk in her fourth lactation.

Lot 19: Cannontown Samuri Brenda, sold for 3,900gns

Another Cannontown second calver claimed the next highest price. This time it was Lot 21, Cannontown Hang Tosca, who sold for 3,850gns.

In her first lactation she produced 8,153kg of milk at 5.32% fat and 3.98% protein.

She was sired by Cookiecutter Hang-time-Et and her dam is Cannontown Star Tosca, who produced 9,058kg of milk at 4.61% fat and 3.71% protein in her second lactation.

Lot 21: Cannontown Hang Tosca, sold for 3,850gns.

Another Cannontown cow claimed the third-highest price of 3,700gns: Lot 23, Cannontown Reginald June.

Calved since March 25, and milking 46L/day, this De-Su 14118 Reginald-Et sired cow produced 8,113kg of milk at 4.43% fat and 3.34% protein in her first lactation.

Her dam Cannontown Louis June is projected to produce 10,315kg of milk at 3.75% fat and 3.11% protein in her fifth lactation.

Lot 23: Cannontown Reginald June, sold for 3,700gns

Some more sample prices from the cows can be seen in the gallery below:

Taaffe Auctions

The final section of the sale was 22 heifer calves and the top price here was achieved by Lot 140, Glasnevin 3873 FR7923 Balsa. This February 27, 2023-born calf sold for 500gns.

She has an EBI of €249, with €83 for milk and €89 for fertility.

Lot 120: Glasnevin 53781 FR6217 Sweetpe, has an EBI of €266 and sold for 440gns

The majority of the calves sold for above 400gns, with the most selling for around 420gns.

Lot 122: Glasnevin 3796 FR5668 Barista, with an EBI of €241, sold for 380gns