GeoPard has added to the capabilities of the MyJohnDeere operations centre which already monitors machinery performance and comprehensively collects data from field operations.

However, what has been missing from its software offering, and others it must be said, is a way of making sense of all the information and presenting it in a simplified format that can help inform farmers’ decisions.

Geopard display screen
When using JD HarvestLab, yield can be shown in oil and protein per hectare as well as total weight

GeoPard is a German company which claims to have filled this gap with what it describes as an analytical portal that takes the data, generated from various sources, and presents it in the form of maps that not only show yield in weight, but also protein and oil, should the harvester be equipped with John Deere’s HarvestLab.

GeoPard notes that this helps users make informed decisions on crop management, marketing, and processing to achieve greater profitability.

Through the correlation of yield, field potential, and protein levels, it is claimed that farmers can optimise fertiliser and seeding levels to make the best use of a field’s potential.

Increased crop quality and more efficient use of inputs are further benefits of the the package, according to Dmitry Dementiev, CEO of GeoPard.

The software does this by simplifying the creation of variable rate application (VRA) maps, based on the collected data, enabling farmers and advisors to make informed decisions on a regular and flexible basis.

New G5 display family

Meanwhile John Deere itself has been upgrading its onboard hardware with the launch of its new G5 display family.

These latest screens offer full high definition (HD) resolution, additional memory and increased processing power. It comes with two portable versions, which can be used on all brands, two integrated monitors for specific John Deere machines and an extended monitor option.

The standard G5 display is 10.1″ and the G5 Plus is 12.8″ in size, which gives them 33% more space for maps and information compared to their predecessors.

R modem John Deere
The new budget orientated modems allow older or non Deere tractors to be connected to the Operations Centre

There is also a brand new JDLinkTM M modem, which is said to offer an affordable alternative to the present R modem. This budget orientated alternative is a plug and play item, allowing mixed fleets to be monitored with the same software.

Both modems are compatible with the SAE J1939 protocol and can process over 14 data points from different machine brands.

This compatibility enables the management of an entire mixed fleet from the John Deere Operations Centre, extending the reach of GeoPard beyond John Deere’s own models.

Revamped steering

Looking further ahead, the company will also be rolling out its G5 Command Centre TM displays into all 6, 7, 8 and 9 Series machines for the 2024 model year, alongside further enhancement of driving comfort.

G5 screens John deere
The new family of G5 screens will form the core of future developments from John Deere

These improvements to driving comfort focus on improved seating and more precise steering with larger steering rams being fitted to the 7R models to give greater control.

The new steering is an automotive type. It naturally re-centres itself and improves line holding significantly. Known as reactive steering, the feature can be easily activated via a softkey on the CommandCenterTM.

Two additional front brake discs add further the transport performance.

All 7, 8 and 9 series tractors will also get a new high-resolution corner post display and a built-in StarFireTM 7000.